The future of vehicles mobility will be HYDROGEN and  FUEL CELL are a “primary instrument”, but until  car industry  will produce  millions of   Fuel Cell “ vehicles and  until  millions of car drivers will be available to purchase  such vehicles  in order to render  HYDROGEN filling stations economically feasible, it is necessary to widen the market in the service stations  performing the adaptation to run with  H2 also the common vehicles equipped with endothermic motors . Hydrogen as fuel is cutting pollution drastically while another “plus” is given by’H2  lower taxation

If the market will concentrate today ONLY on Fuel Cell it will be as if ,at the beginning of ’Aviation  all wing propelled airplanes  would be totally dismissed because the future was going towards JET propelled flights

Nobel Prized Prof. RUBBIA wrote us a letter  in 2004 quoting the following sentence :

“the transition from petrolium  to hydrogen will take place with vehicles that are  using both above mentioned fuels.

AGT Hydrogen Division is a branch of  AGT acetilene e gastecnici s.a.s. (www.acetilenegastecnici.com) born with the aim to develop, design, implement immediate technical solution, economically feasible and technically  reliable for the development  of Road Hydrogen Service Stations  and the development of cars and vehicles suitable for this top-environment-friendly kind of fuel.

The over 30-years experience of  our Company formed a high level technical staff  team where senior and young well trained specialists tailored in the sector of plants for the production of technical gas and mainly  HYDROGEN ,  allowed to develop technologies proving an optimal yield and  systems capable  of a perfect integration with “Renwable Energy” field . Electric energy is strictly produced by substainable systems ( wind energy, photovoltaic, geothermic, biogas, ecc..) obtaining therefore “an energetic circle”, closed and  absolutely environment-friendly.

AGT  Acetilene e gas tecnici –  Hydromethan (Hydrogen+CNG)
vehicles  shot  “ in action”.

The Company Development towards  this kind of technologies is designed on two applications
□ Project, production, installation and management of Hydrogen plants for road filling stations  addressed to both  private use, and  for  small-medium fleets  (public sector or private enterprises)
(see section  “FILLING”  for  detailed  specifications)
□ Realization  of  prototype vehicles and  conversion of standard vehicles to be Hydrogen propelled.
We mean obviously all the  technologies allowing both the use of  pure Hydrogen 100%  as fuel but also all those technologies where H2 is an “additive” mixed  with another gas  (HYDROMETHANE)  as per  the actual  tests that we are performing with several different percentages of CNG gas combined with H2  (see section “VEHICLES”  for  detailed specifications).