AGT  Hydrogen Division
August 2006, at km 64,600 of  FI.PI.LI,  AGIP Station in Collesalvetti (Livorno).
Dicember 2007  Roma – Fiumicino, AGIP Station  Magliana Nord.
In these  2 service stations,  hydrogen is produced  locally.

grecciano-02 copy

Collesalvetti service station (Livorno)


Magliana Nord (Roma) Service Station

Agosto 2006 : AGT installed inside AGIP fuel facilities at km 64,600 FI.PI.LI
Highway, THE FIRST Hydrogen Road Service Station in Italy.
Collesalvetti Station, from his opening day  had 3 key-points that rendered it
unique  in Europa (and may be in the World):

1) Opened to the public,
2) Energy to  produce hydrogen,  derived from wind and sun
3) H2 fuel  can be performed self-service by means of a CARD with tagged chip.


Opening of H2 Service Station on July,16th  2006

Hydrogen internal production

Bruxelles technical commission visiting Grecciano service station

HYDROGEN  pump at  AGIP  Magliana Nord Service Station along Roma-Fiumicino Airport highway.
Opening of the plant for HYDROGEN supply is not yet performed for lack of H2-operated -cars in Rome territory

FUEL CARD System  for ’HYDROMETHANE filling ( H2 +CNG mix) in  percentage as :
5% H2 + 95% CNG    to  80% H2 + 20% CNG, with  CARD to allow self-service use.



In  the year 2001, Mr Benedetti Owner of PIEL (Produzione Idrogeno Elettrolitico – Electrolytic Hydrogen Production) that is building from 1984 hydrogen generators decided  to form  the Company  “ Autoidrogeno” and to modify  two “FIAT  Multipla” cars to be filled with hydrogen in the garden of his home.

DSCN0017pulita senza logo

In 2002 are on the road the first two cars modified to work with 100% Hydrogen fuel  (and benzin).
Hydrogen FILLING  was performer using a specific electrolyzer marche with a compressor and to a sequence of filters  filtri in order to eliminate Oxygen traces.

Kyoto protocol is indicating in the year  2040 the target point for Total Environment Friendly vehicles circulation and it is fixing a proportional program-table proporzionale to reach Zero Vehicles Pollution for such a date.
AGT technicians nearby the column delivering hydrogeno 100% have modified the column pump delivering CNG in order to supply HYDROMETHANE  that is a mix of  hydrogen and  methan.
The percentage of  H2 and CNG can be changed every time acting on the FUEL CARD KEY BOARD.